John C.L. Jansen






Music for Amplified Wood and Strings
October 2018



September 25, 2018
Two Old Friends Pass By Again
John C.L. Jansen
Faculty Composers Concert
SUNY Fredonia, NY

July 17, 2018
Sequenza I for Harmonics Guitar
John C.L. Jansen
Manhattan, NYC

June 26-July 14, 2018
Earth Mix
GVSU New Music Ensemble
Voyageurs National Park, MN
North Cascades National Park, WA
Mount Rainier National Park, WA
Olympic National Park, WA
Glacier National Park, WA

Recent Compositions

Harmonic Motion
for tetrachord, harmonics guitar, JI synth, humbucker harpsichord, modified guitar, and percussion
Forthcoming January 2019

Earth Mix
for found objects and Max/MSP patch
Commissioned by the GVSU New Music Ensemble for the 2018 national parks tour


Music for Amplified Wood and Strings

Debut album (2018)

This album gathers in one place many of my early experiments with homemade instruments, in the form of live performances. There is sparse use of electronics--all the sounds you will hear are amplified acoustic instruments, with a few pedals here and there. I hope you get as much enjoyment out of hearing these sounds as I did in making them. 

All tracks recorded as played, except tracks 2 and 4, which were multi-tracked. 

The instruments: 

duochord - an 8.5 ft 3rd bridge instrument. Isolates string partials. 

daxophone - friction idiophone invented by Hans Reichel. 

harmonics guitar - a 3rd bridge instrument invented by Glenn Branca. 

daxoharmonic guitar - a harmonics guitar with a daxophone soundbox as the bridge block.